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Filters in Revit LT

Filters in Revit LT

Add filter functionality to Revit LT.  As a long-time Revit user it makes no sense to me why filters would be eliminated from the LT version.  What possible reason is this eliminated?


They want you to pay for the full version. Its arbitrary what they choose to keep and remove from LT. If everything was in there no one would buy the full version.


What possible reason is this eliminated? Greed.

You have to pay for the full Revit, with a bunch of broken tools, if you want to have filters, model-in-place,... Even better, buy the over-the-top AEC collection to own a bunch of software you'll never use.


I thought modelling in-place in LT was just reduced to the wall category. If you embrace that you can model everything as walls and get along with a single wall tag to tag everything. If you stick with tagging only materials that works well as well. Btw. I reverted my wording to renting the app because you cannot buy it anymore.


Add filter function to Revit LT. I don't see a reason why this function is not included in Revit LT, while is a very usefull help.


Its because they want you to buy full Revit. If they included everything in LT, why would anyone get the full version? The line for what should be in full vs LT is obviously up for debate, but I doubt its going to change.

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