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Filter options "Remove a Halftone"

Filter options "Remove a Halftone"

I would like to be able to remove a halftone setting via filter.  This could have many uses but the immediate case would be Existing to Remain with work.  If I have a door that is receiving hardware updates, finish upgrades, panel or frame replacement, we are not going to demo the door.  Yet we need to show it graphically different even though its on the existing phase and not demolished. The ideal way is to mark the door parametrically and use that information to override phase filters with rule based view filters.  However, once you set phase graphics to show halftone, you cant undo halftone via filter.  The work-around is making the existing phasing a gray color instead of halftone.  Then the gray color can be overridden via filter.  I much prefer the halftone setting over modifying the color for a number of reasons.  Let me use the information to change the graphics by removing the halftone setting...  Please!

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