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Filter Graphic Overrides

Filter Graphic Overrides

Allow the creation of filters with optional master graphic overrides. This should allow modifications to the master graphic overrides to apply to each instance of the filter used in a view.


Do you mean something kinda like how (family-) parameters can be either instance or type parameters, where the settings of type parameters are "linked" between all placed intances of the same familytype?

So as of now for filters we only have "instance" filters where for example in one view if i wanna change the colour of whatever is filtered that change to colour override does not apply in another view that uses the same filter (but uses a different/no view template).

Or also kind of like view templates let you decide which option that view template is supposed to control or not with the ckeckbox at the end of each line.


And you suggestion would be an option to switch to a linked setting for the each override that you can toggle between it and the usual "individual" override setting per view?


As more and more data gets added to the models we need better ways to sift/filter/communicate said data. Having to choose between filters at a view level versus filters at the view template level does not meet the needs of the ever-changing industry. From a construction standpoint, I need to be able to control many views with the same filters but many of those views I need to apply filters for the individual views themselves. This leads to many challenges of managing hundreds of views and dozens of view templates. Dynamo helps here and there to speed up what I have to do manually to add/remove filters but all of the overrides within the view/view templates need to be done manually. So one change can take a half hour to an hour to update all views. The following Ideas are all reaching for something similar.

Let's join forces and get these voted on. Some form of these three is better than what we have currently.

Filter Graphic Overrides @scottw7L279

Allow filters to be contingent on view settings (jkidder)

View Template Filters & Individual View Filters to be utilized at the same time (tim.barber)

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