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Filter by Detail Level

Filter by Detail Level

It would be nice to be able to use filter by detail level of different members in the same categories.  For example, on the framing plan, I like to use beam/headers as medium to show the actual width and then rafters, floor joist etc as a line which is in coarse level.  That's without having to change within the family to make the visibility setting work.  Doing it this way would be quicker and have better control.



Il faudrait pouvoir efffectuer un niveau de détail sur base d'un filtre.


Par exemple choisir le niveau de détail selon le type de systeme de canalisation.

Merci à vous;


In AutoCAD ist was normal to Draw large pipes as double lines (= Fine) and smaller pipes as single lines (=Coarse), Please add Detail level to filters, so we can make this a possibility. 


Hello All. I came across this thread when trying to figure out how to hide the symbolic lines that my view was creating in a particular family when set to coarse. I would definitely like to see the addition of a detail level column to filters but I found a solution to my problem that may be transferable to some of yours. 


My situation: I have structural framing set to coarse with filters set on structural usage so that steel girders appear one way, joists another, a beams(other) another. The problem I have had is that we show wood framing members at medium detail level to better represent ply # and alignment. I've modified the simple 2x wood framing family to include multiple ply instance parameters and to show up in coarse views but it still generates the symbolic line in the center which is a problem for odd ply members. There is a parameter within the family that changes the symbolic representation from project settings to from family. Since the family no longer contained the the original symbolic line, it no longer shows up in my view. 



From Project Settings:


From Family:




If you're willing to modify the families that you use, you could control the symbolic lines that are based off the detail level with parameters. You can have more than one symbolic line in the family, and more that one line type(subcategory) if the system family permits. I did this with my steel girder family to show (3) lines, with 2 different line types controlled by filter.






Was this ever escalated up the ideas board? Come on Autodesk, this is an easy fix (I assume) and would provide powerful control over existing and new phased objects via a view filter.

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