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Filled Region Area tag:

Filled Region Area tag:

Its not possible to tag the area of a filled region. Its not a shared parameter!

Please make this possible!


This is why we have "Area Plans"....Something that Autocad doesn't have.  No sense bringing in something that Autocad can do when we have better.


Autocad? I'm not talking about autocad......

And the area plans do work in revit but they can't be connected to regular floor plans. I want to see the info of the area visible in regular floor plans and not having to either create area schedule besides the floor plan or typing the area info onto floor plans!

It should be extremely simple for revit to have the functionality of a shared filled region area parameter.


You can actually create an Area Tag for Filled Regions.


You will start with a Generic Annotation Tag - Flip the Category to Floors - In the Label, add the parameter Area.


Copy this new Label to your clipboard - Switch the Category of this Tag to Detail Items. Paste the original Label in to place.


You now have a Tag that can read Filled Region Areas.



@NCarter , this is great! Have you figured out how to then get that information into a schedule?


@purvigirwin 👍 I agree!  @NCarter among other things, when I'm doing structural analysis sometimes using filled regions is a fast way to calculate tributary areas not only in plan but in section and elevation as well e.g. for lateral wind load analysis.  If we could add other parameters to filled regions and schedule all the above it could be extremely powerful. 


Allows the ability to quickly calculate areas in views besides plans. 


Area plans work great for area plans...  It would be wonderful to have a more flexible parametric tool for 2d graphic area take-offs and scheduling from horizontal and vertical views that aren't tied to specific objects.


@sdspriyankara @NCarter Thanks, this is great ! Still, the hacky nature of this workaround doesn't make the idea  irrelevant in my opinion.

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