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Fill Patterns in Filters for Revit Fabrication Duct/Pipe should work same like Revit Design Duct/Pipe

Fill Patterns in Filters for Revit Fabrication Duct/Pipe should work same like Revit Design Duct/Pipe

Fill Patterns in Filters cannot assign to Revit Fabrication Items. Her in the Screenshot you can see, that I create Filters for Design Objekt and for Fabrication Objects based on a Project parameter in the Revit Model.


The Design object can show the hatching. The Fabrication object can only show as solid fill.



Her also a Link from the Autodesk Support:



Yes, this is a real short coming of Revit to be unable to use a hatch fill on fabrication parts.

Hatching is most often used to visually indicate duct insulation. eg:different hatch pattern for different thickness insulation &/or Internal or External insulation.

Also for it to be picked up when creating a legend.

Please Make this an option as solid fill is not suitable for black and white drawing pdf/prints.


The support article saying use a hatch region, is a bandaid solution at best and not practical over the course of a project.



This is needed, one of the more recent posts has over 1500 views.. so people are trying to do it..


Despite the Fab parts and exporting the data base to manufacturers being useful, logical, ideal


Mistakes still happen (they do regularly) and the drawings are not just for manufacture but for installation, tendering, review (internal and external) and reviewing is faster if we can visually "see it" rather than have to read tags... people are not CAD/CAM machines.


This review process is always happening by those drawing and those checking..


we cannot even show the lines of some duct types like basic spiro.. the list of examples we can show is long and the impact on project cost / time noteworthy 

fab parts pattern filtering not possible.png


We have had two large contractors here in Sth Australia (in 2023/24) tell us they are leaning back to normal parts / families just because of this issue or they constantly flip between the two.. Fab parts for large projects / normal parts for medium sized projects.. 


when your D&C it would be nice to stick with one method..


Apologies if i have not posted correctly







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