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File Name parameter label

File Name parameter label

Add a File Name propertie/parameter, so you can add this as a label in your title block.


(now you only have a File Path-propertie)




And if it's a Workshared project, the ability to get the Central file name/path, not just the Local


In addition to this

to set the parameters of the sheet size as a label in the titleblock


Basically any information pertaining to the project as a document. AutoDesk seems to have forgotten that more information is involved in BIM than simply information about the building. The client/contractor wants information about who drew the model, who is building it, etc. I think that project recipients, material/construction specs and contract items should be parameters too, that way the entire project can be documented in one place...

@dplumb_BWBR This. The location of the local file is completely redundant in a title block, we need the actual path to the central file, that's where everything originates from so I've no idea why this isn't an accessible parameter in a label.

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