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Fence wall type or Fence command

Fence wall type or Fence command

I propose the Revit programmers create a fence wall type.  This is an ongoing issue, for several years, where a gate is required in a chain link/ picket fence, and there is no easy way to model such content.  Please create this new command with adjustable height/ width parameters, max support post spacing (posts are typically 2 3/8" round for corner and end posts, square options would also be nice), gate width and height adjustability. Please create both chain link and picket style options (pickets at 4" oc max).


This feature would go beyond adding a fence to a property, but also include:

1) gas cylinder enclosures

2) storage enclosures

3) facilities only access barriers etc. 


Many thanks for your consideration.


You can use a curtain wall to create that already. Posts as mullions, panels can have a chainlink material applied to them to create the fence. You can pre-set the types of posts & panels and set their max spacings. You can replace a panel with a door made of the same material to get a gate.


Hello Revit dev team,

Currently, to create fences on toposolide, we need to use railing function in "Architect" tab.

Is it possible to create a dedicate function "Fence" form toposolide in "Massing & Siteé tab ?



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