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FBX laced with schedule metadata

FBX laced with schedule metadata

I've been reviewing methods of scripting metadata onto objects via Element ID. There have been a few exceptional methods that I've managed to track down but I still feel that the existing platform could grow into some additional automation to streamline the process.


What if we were able to build our schedules pertaining to specific parts, then on export to FBX have an advanced pulldown that allows us to attach specific schedules for metadata? Within the file it could be tagged at the end so it doesn't interrupt the existing data; perhaps a common end of line so other softwares don't hang up on the FBX by confusing it with additional data, but softwares that know to continue looking can then extract the metadata?


I personally work with Unity so BIM management tools have become one of my avid interests. The formulas are rather simple but I can see this method becoming a readily available plugin and could also open doors for other softwares that use FBX to take advantage of attaching metadata to their workflows. Worst case scenario, perhaps FBX 2.0? 

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I want to do this.  Have you done it?

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