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.fbx export from Revit

.fbx export from Revit

There should be the possibility forExport of Revit 3D-Model that let all the materials and textures and colores also be exported as seperated Picture files.

along with.So an exported .fbx or obj can be imported in 3D-max or  PowerPoint or Office word etc correctly without Gray Outing!



Hi, I'm also facing the same problem. 


This is very important and a huge setback, FBX exporting should be with full material and texture as in the realistic 3D model, not a gray building shell.


please address this issue Autodesk.


In 3ds Max, you can use UMC to fix this.


Hopefully one day Revit materials will be natively compatible with 3ds Max standard materials, until then you have to go through this extra step.


How is this not near the top of the list. The FBX is an essential format for 3D work simply because it includes the materials, lights, cameras, and geometry. If I want to use Blender to use with Revit for animation work, then I shouldn't have to be forced into 3D studio Max a program I do not know or have to translate all the materials.

The current process means duplicating the materials twice over. Programs should aim to be more interoperable, not less. Does anyone know why the Revit FBX export does not export the materials with it from a programming perspective?


Somewhat embarrassing that the FBX-exporter is still not updated.

Especially for Revit LT users, who cannot rely on plugins and such.


Here is a post where I was discussing and trying to understand if I missed something about the FBX format.


A summary of the link above is that the exporter uses obsolete shaders in the FBX and those aren't compatible with other tools. One had to convert the materials first and then re-export from 3dsMax. Not everyone has 3dsMax not wants to use 3dsMax for a basic thing such as being able to use an exported FBX-file.


I came to the conclusion that the FBX exporter wasn't up to today's standards.



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