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Family Category

Family Category


Greetings, as a regular user of the program, over time I have run into several limitations, which although I could deal with using other categories that are not normally used, the reality is that they remain uncertain.


Suggested categories to add:

  1. Supports = Supports for equipment panels or Hanger. Although it could be considered a family structure. In general, each discipline creates its own supports, because there is no clear category to locate them.
  2. Flex Conduit = As there are no flexible ducts in Revit we have to use the "flex pipe" in the absence of it.
  3. Instrumentation Devices = in industries there are usually many instruments related to the area of ​​mechanics but that nevertheless do not go into the mechanical planes. therefore it is a bit difficult to choose in which category to place them.
  4. Wireway & warimold = this category I normally use the "fabrication part", but just as there is a "cable tray" or a "conduit" it could be very useful to implement this category in the families.

Also if there was the option to add Family Categories it could work, except for the "Flex Conduit".




Saludos, como usuario asiduo del programa, a través del tiempo me e topado con varias limitantes, que aunque he podido lidiar usando otras categorías que no se usan normalmente, la realidad es que quedan inciertas.


Las categorías sugeridas para agregar:

  1. Soportes = Soportes para paneles equipos o Hanger. Aunque se podría considerar una familia estructura. Por lo general cada disciplina crea sus propios soportes, porque no hay una categoría clara para ubicar los mismos.
  2. Flex Conduit = Como no existente Conductos flexibles en Revit tenemos que usar los "flex pipe" a falta del mismo.
  3. Intrumentation Devices = en las industrias por lo general hay muchos instrumentos relacionados al área de mecánica pero que necesariamente no va en los planos mecánicos. por ende resulta un poco difícil elegir en que categoría ubicarlos.
  4. Wireway & warimold = esta categoría normalmente uso los "fabrication part", pero al igual que hay un "cable tray" o un "conduit" podría ser muy útil el implementar esta categoría en las familias.

También si hubiera la opción de agregar Categorías de Familias podría funcionar, excepto por el "Flex Conduit".






You have some good ideas in your contribution. I would encourage you to publish the different points individually. So other users can vote on them individually.

Community Visitor

Hope Autodesk address this and make some adjustments. Revit needs many upgrades in the electrical template like...wire fillets, it deletes circuits from electrical panels when you move panels with the move command, etc. Also the revision numbering, but that's another topic!


Excellent points!

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