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Family 3D Element Visibility Settings - Allow us to turn off elements in 3D

Family 3D Element Visibility Settings - Allow us to turn off elements in 3D

Please let us have control over the visibility of elements in 3D views.  Currently the only work around is using sub-categories, but this isn't a viable solution as I don't want users to have to change these settings in the project and add unnecessary extra subcategories.


The main example is door and window families.  I want to have 2 overlapping copies of the sash/ door leaf. One copy which stays fixed and displays in plan / elevation / section, and is hidden in 3D. The second copy is visible only in 3D, and is operable for renders / perspective views.


@AnnaK246 You could do this by using 2D details in your plan and elevations to only have your 3D elements visible in 3D views.  Alternatively, you could make use of "detail level" settings. Would this be a solution?


@Mark_Engwirda  Thanks for the suggestions. 2D details would be ok for plan, but for elevation would create some restrictions as there's no model there - for example you couldn't do color elevations easily, have translucent glazing, show hatches, and would need to add extra 2D louvre lines etc. I generally prefer not to use 2D elements if possible in families.


Yes detail settings could be a work around and would be fine for me, but because that's something you need to adjust in the project views and know about how the family works - it's not so user friendly and I would need to explain that quirk to other users which isn't ideal.

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