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Families - Lights on sloped ceilings

Families - Lights on sloped ceilings

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) BIM Standards committee recently created a list of Autodesk Revit enhancement and feature requests based on a membership survey. We have shared a prioritized list with Autodesk and are posting them here, on Revit Ideas, to build community support to benefit the lighting design industry.


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In the real world, lights are often mounted to surfaces that are angled. Revit has a hard time doing that. For example, support wires for pendant fixtures are typically perpendicular to the floor. Also, the symbols (e.g., Symbolic Lines) need to show up properly in 2D.


Not ideal, but I have made an adaptive Generic Model base with a nested pendant light in it that adjusts to slope of roof or ceiling, has a perpendicular support and shows correctly in plane. Caveat is that its a generic model and does not get inserted as a family but does show up in schedule and can be circuited.


Lighting Fixtures that adjust automatically would be the best solution. Thanks for putting this out there.


Thanks @Jason_Peckovitch ! Just one thought might be a reference plane toggle to stay aligned with the ground plane.


@dan.stine I would lean towards adaptive but categorized as Lighting Fixture but that may be viable as well.


Set the family to Always Vertical.


Yes please! I can see the benefit of adding an option to force the visibility of 2d symbols for many families/categories (not just lighting) that are hosted to inclined faces/workplanes. 


Good point @ToanDN but there are cases where it isn't desirable to set a family to Always Vertical. 

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