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Fabrication Workflows For Facades

Fabrication Workflows For Facades

Can we please expand the MEP Fabrication tools to allow for the creation of other pressed metal fabrication elements such as Flashings, Coping, PArapet Cappings and Pressed galvanised steel support elements. This would greatly aid in the production of fabrication information for these items in relation to facades. At the moment this is a very manual process where we produce a sketch describing the shape and butt strap locations, we then manually count the number of 3 meter lengths of each fabrication type. 


We have built in some of the counting and material optimization abilities into our flashing families but the sketches and schedule sheets which are used for ordering the fabrications are still produced manually. I have previously posted a request to aid this process by being able to filter by family and type see the post at [url] [/url]


I have also attached the sample flashing schedule showing what we want to achieve.


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I suggest that must be new system category "Steel flashing" with behaviour like line based family with shape driven profile like rebar has, so user can adjust profile sizes on section view. User make parametrical shape and can be apply to flashing instances. Steel modifiers also can be applyed to short, cut, mitter, cope.

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