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Extract Shared Parameters From Manufacturers Content

Extract Shared Parameters From Manufacturers Content

It would be really useful if we could open manufacturers families and extract all of the shared parameters to create a new shared parameter file, so that we could re-create the content based on our internal standards and also clean up the file to reduce the bloat. we could then add in the same shared parameters and use the original manufac turers content to creat a type catalogue to drive the types of the new cleand up family. It would be simpiler that trying to get the shared parameter file from the manufacturer. it would be good if we could extract parameters from IFC content in a similar way afterall each parameter should have a GUID, the names are irrelivant and dynamo could be used to extract the data for the new family type catalogue.


You can export shared parameters from a family already.

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not all at once, it is a manual process, we need the ability to re-create a shared parameter file based on the shared parameters in a group of manufacturers families. there can be upward of 50 shared parameters in a family with the product data.

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Thanks for taking the time to submit your idea. Unfortunately, this idea did not get the support of the community over the last 6 months and as such we will not be pursuing it at this time. Please feel free to rework (titles and clear descriptions are really important) and resubmit this one down the road.

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