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external drainage and associated families

external drainage and associated families

please add external drainage to Revit (storm, foul, watermain, etc) and associated families (manholes, inspection chambers, etc). Analysis and calculation would be a dream come true

This would help not only for an average project with external drainage but for projects with intenal drainage too, especially when they interfere with structure. 

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This would be a great addition.   It’s not just m&e consultants and engineers that design drainage. Architectural practices do too (mine included), particularly on smaller projects.
Drainage layouts, manholes, gullies, etc and establishing svp positions in housing design is very important to me and my clients. I usually end up annotating, which is a huge waste of such potential. I’ve created some manhole families, gully families, attenuation tanks, soak aways, silt trap but some functionality for sloping drain runs in different diameters would be incredibly useful to be able to link between my families, say by a reference point. Being able to show the direction of flow, pipe size, gradient etc would be great via a tag or something. I’m also looking for some functionality to be able to create manhole schedules. Even being able to create a long section would be useful in some cases.

Thanks for looking.

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