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Expose Project Parameters to Revit API

Expose Project Parameters to Revit API

Project Parameters should be exposed for use in the API, to be able to script creation, editing, deletion, etc... 


If you are working with a custom set of parameters and use a shared parameter.txt file for pulling in parameters, you then have to set each parameter property options and push it out to the categories manually.


Depending on the project, even using a shared parameter.txt file to pre-populate project parameters is a process, and one that can be prone to errors.

Exposing ProjectParameters to the API is a no-brainer as it'll help speed up project model creation, and minimize errors.


Chris, what a wonderful idea


Hi, @Anonymous ,


Here is a similar idea:

Add Revit API support for non-shared Project Parameters - Autodesk Community

Let me know if you think we should combine them!


Thank you for your submission,




They sound like the same idea don't they. Although it also sounds like the other idea is a request for functionality to create a thing to mitigate an issue that shouldn't exist in the first place in Revit. Meanwhile also demonstrating the danger of more non-shared project parameters in general.


The developers will be creating Parameters where the only key is the name, although the name isn't the key (some other inaccessible thing is).


There is a seemingly a more straightforward approach (than both shared and non-shared parameters). If two parameters have the same Name combined with Parameter Type (or SpecTypeId) then they are the same parameter:

"Shoe Size" with GUID = ceeac9b9-ef8e-48bc-ab85-dcc189191e5a

"Shoe Size" with GUID = 61d13ad4-14eb-43ec-a5c8-55dccb57031e

Same parameter or different parameter in reality?

If you want to show the same thing in different ways via different parameters then it would work:

"Shoe Size" Length

"Shoe Size" Integer


What you shouldn't have is someone adding one called:

"Foot Size" Length

Which then creates a situation where the information is split between two locations and we don't know where to look for it.


We need more rationalisation of parameters (similar to was done for steel sections). So the things in the model we can all understand what they are and use their information consistently for different purposes. This is also the way forward for parameters with different names in different cultures (same identity different name).


We know it's a model of a building so we should have some standardised dictionary of parameter names to look through first and if they don't exist then and only then resort to creating them. I don't really care what the parameters are called just that we are all using the same ones for the same purpose.




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