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Export Revit pipe to PCF file

Export Revit pipe to PCF file

This enhancement request is for the ability to export pipe systems in Revit to a piping component file (.PCF)


This would allow the PCF file to be used in other applications such as pipe stress analysis software.



It's amazing that with the power that has Revit for modeling pipes, the date does not have a tool to export to the PCF file format ......! amazing !


there is a hidden feature in Revit that can export PCF from FABRICATION PIPING.. see:


to create isometric drawing with Revit is, today, not that easy as we do with Audodesk Plant3D. My suggestion is to implement a plugin or update the software to do PCF file exporting more easy, so we can use PCF files with Plant3d to create isométric drawings, and also with Revit in order to import piping created with Plant 3d.

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The only current option to export a PCF from Revit is by using a macro. This does not allow for any control or customization of the PCF output. It would be very beneficial if PCF export was similar to the DGN or DWG exporter, where we have settings that can be saved and modified to allow for greater control of the coding and output of the PCF file.

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PCF Export has been available via the API for several years and works well enough. By policy, we do not keep Macros active in our projects. While this feature is available through multiple add-ins, I'm curious if there would be developer or community interest in moving it to the File Export menu so that it is available more conveniently to users.

AKN Article on the Macro

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