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Export Material Textures to IFC

Export Material Textures to IFC

Posting this idea on behalf of  tkienasYEAMS , @Rubens1234@akash.ghosh


The customers want to export material textures from Revit to IFC.


@tkienasYEAMS Request for Revit to support IFC textures render appearances such as a jpg, or png.

Or, have the ability to transfer jpg/png information/name.


@Rubens1234  is trying to do is create a material in Revit (e.g. cork board) and then export that material using IFC.

This becomes particularly important in sensitivity analysis. He wants to analyze the benefits of different thickness of a cork board. If he exports it as an object, he will have to create several objects with different thickness. However, if he can export the cork board as a material, then he would be able to change that directly into a single object. 




I'm look on going the other way; opening the IFC within Revit.  Everything is gray.  Materials are there, the glass has transparency, but the textures containing JPGs, or PNGs are gray.   Is this an IFC limitation, or does Revit not support IFC texture images; PNG/JPG?  

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Hello! This is already solved in Revit 2021?

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Hi, there. Does anybody know any way to work with materials and textures over imported IFC objects within Revit?

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