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Enlarged plan view - Allow to change between detail type and floor plan type

Enlarged plan view - Allow to change between detail type and floor plan type

Example of the problem: Creating an enlarged part plan view of a lift or stair using the detail view type by error, when the floor plan type is better suited. The detail view does not allow elevation references or linked revit files to show in the view, where a floor plan type would. But there is no option to change the view settings if you have already gone to far in progressing the drafting of the enlarged view. Currently the only option is to start again with the correct callout type.

- Ideally I would like to see the settings changed so the user can at a later date, change the type from detail view to floor plan view and vice versa.

- It would be useful when using the callout tool, if it came up with a prompt asking would you like this view to be a detail type view or a floor plan type.

- Allow more flexibility in the VG settings so the user can choose to have linked revit files and elevation markers visible in the detail view.





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This is a common sense update, please implement Autodesk.  Why it hasn't been incorporated already is inexplicable.

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