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Enhanced Camera Features

Enhanced Camera Features

  • Full access to camera parameters in order to match real life camera. This is particularly useful for photo matching.
  • Make camera objects viewable like any other object in a project. I should be able to show/hide all cameras in any view using visibility graphics settings.
  • Allow camera objects to align/snap to reference lines/planes/grids.
  • Ability to export cameras to be imported into other projects, perhaps through transfer project standards.
  • Add "view finder" view, this would be a lightweight view, similar to the workplane viewer, which could be used to manually adjust the camera. This view would need to be optimised for speed so that real-time camera manipulation is possible. Using an existing 3D view for this doesn't work on complex projects because the view updates are just too slow.



Please add real camera settings to revit cameras... camera match capabilities would be very much appreciated too.... such capabilities are vital for refurbishment projects.

Thank you!

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that`s great idea, we need to be a physical camera like 3D Max.

it would be nice to transpose the 3ds camera match function in revit, with all parameters to check. Thank's



Yes, some sort of control for camera lens properties would make photmatching so much easier. Right now it seems more time consuming than it should be.

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