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Enable tag and dimension in legend view.

Enable tag and dimension in legend view.

there is something annoying that makes many of my colleagues create a "legend" phase for just for legend purpose.



For instance, we can tag material and layers on a wall composition , but why couldn't we dimension the overall width or even tag the typeMark of the wall?


who use only material tag? 


Tag Legend Components

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As an architect (REVIT user since 2008), I do not understand that it is not possible to add dimensions and wall type tags to  wall legends. When working on projects that are being built, we use legends to illustrate how certain objects is supposed to be built. The Revit legend drawing itself is not very detailed, and therefore it is necessary to  elaborate the illustrations for the workers at the building site etcetera, adding dimensioning and type text. Writing the type text manually might cause mistakes, because it does not automatically follow the wall parameters such as type description. Tag Arkitekter AS, where I've worked since 2009, is probably the Architects firm that has the most large Residential projects in Norway. Most of Our Projects area being built, and we use REVIT as modelling device. I hope for a rapid change in Revit legends for easier and more Professional use of REVIT in Our Projects. (Using design wall design options to create wall "legends" is not a good option. We used to do that when creating door/ window legends earlier) Thank you!


It is incredible how such a basic and so important function can be ignored by Autodesk year after year.

The first update requests date back at least 7/8 years ago and nothing has been done to improve the legends


And the problem, @simo74, is that there are a lot of interesting feactures that nobory is using because of handycaps like these that make them totally useless!!! Really Autodesk, wake up, it's time!


I would like to tag the thickness of a layer in a wall for etc. I only can tag the material but not the thickness, I have to write it manually, even though revit has Information about the dimensions of the construction of a walltype


Autodesk will not care about adding such features until their sale numbers drop


Not being able to tag legend components is one of those items that is still missing, and I find this one really curious why it is still not implemented.

But let's not forget how far Revit has come along since subscription was introduced a few years ago, and there are so many features that they are really working hard on implementing.

Hopefully, more powerful and easier documentation on a broad scale will become more of a priority in the near future.


We need another 1000 votes


I found an Youtube video where someone is adding Multi Category Tags to a wall legend.

Is it that not possible? I am trying to do but it only works with Material Tags. 



I think he is tagging 2d Detail components and not Legend components?


@ConstantineC I think he is using a drafting view and calling it a "legend view" as a workaround.

I tried using mc tags in a legend view and they wouldn't tag.


@Mark_Engwirda I dont think its a drafting view. Seems to be a Wall legend view. 

I dont know how is he doing it, I placed a question in his comments, hopefully he will reply.

Web capture_24-3-2023_11831_.jpeg

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