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Enable conditional formatting for "Calculate Totals" fields in schedules

Enable conditional formatting for "Calculate Totals" fields in schedules

I think of this more as a Revit bug rather than a missing feature.


The conditional formatting in Revit schedules currently does not apply to the field when it is grouped and set as a "calculated total" field. The conditional formatting only works when it is an "itemise every instance" field. But we need the conditional formatting to work both ways.




Very usefull!


Old request, but very useful!


Since you can't measure piping by selection in Revit, you need to use schedules. We have each DX piping system on a unique system and filter and calculate pipe lengths accordingly. Most split units have pipe length limitations of around 20 to 30m. We can show the pipe length total for the system, also accounting for pipe fitting length, but we cannot apply the conditional format to the total. This feature would resolve this.


Easy fix? It currently does NOT work : (
(1) Calculate value (as "count" doesn't show in the conditional format- another issue!)

(2) Number

(3) "formula" = "1"

(4) Count.Eq.1 (Calculate totals)

(5) Conditional format

(6) Count.Eq.1 NotEQ to 1

(7) Failed result - expected "Family1" With 2 instances to be highlighted RED.

"Count.EQ.1" Formula is "1" as a "Number" parameter. I expected this to be 




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