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Embedded breaking line in views

Embedded breaking line in views

We should be able to have customizable breaking line in views  it could be by default the limit of the cropbox.

Nothing fancy, just simple automated breaking lines so our drafter don't have to do it manually with a 2d breaking line family.

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Thanks for posting this Idea. I just had this idea last night and I wanted to post it this morning.


This should apply to Detail and Drafting Views. (yes, Drafting Views should have view boundaries/ cropping)

When the boundary is moved, the breaks dynamically move with it. The view will know which elements are being cropped. Similar to Stairs and their breaklines based on the view cut height.


We could also have a Settings dialogue box for setting the size/weight, etc.


This way the Breaklines are standardized across the entire project.


Bonus if we can Align these view boundaries / breaklines across multiple views on the Sheet.


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