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Embed symbols in Schedules & Legends

Embed symbols in Schedules & Legends

Add the ability to include / embed symbols or generic annotation within schedules. An example would to be have a hexagon shape around each keynote number in your keynote legend / schedule.


The ability to insert any drafting detail item or symbol in a Schedule Column to represent something infront of the Schedule Row or Group.

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images also.


Images are already possible, Type or Instance.


I like the idea of annotation elements, since most of the time the image we place in a schedule would be from an annotation symbol that is already created and in the project.


I'm thinking more along the lines of actual model schedules, not necessarily a keynote or annotation schedule.


Great idea!


Would be great to be able to schedule the detail item/annotation symbol associated with an element rather than an image of the symbol (hard to get nice crisp image files shown in Revit).


Our main use of this would be to use schedules to create a legend rather than a static 2D drafting view or legend view. This way only elements used such as fan coil units or valves would show up with the symbol and description on the legend sheet


Would be much better to have the symbol family shown rather than an image so there are less places to change information if the symbol has to be changes for a particular element

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We would like to do this with Demo Notes, Plan Notes, etc.   Embed the symbol into the schedule.


Please allow us to insert symbols into schedules. Our particular application for this is to show the symbol for lighting fixtures in lighting fixture schedules.

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I want to clarify my comment.

We put graphic symbols on Floor Plans for "plan notes" and "demo notes".   Usually they are a number with a box around it, very simple.   I made these symbols as Generic Annotation families that have a label inside them for note number with a parameter to fill in for comments.   These graphic symbols are tied to a Note Block.   The user puts the symbol on a Floor Plan and then fills in the comments in the schedule.


So what I am requesting is the ability to embed he same graphic symbols on the Floor Plan in the Note Block on the same sheet so that the information is very clear to the person reading the drawings.






When you export a CAD format, revit generate a jpg file for each imported image. So the answer could be, create a revit's symbol and use in a schedule.



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Could you further explain your idea? I don't see the connection between images, symbols and schedules.


it would be nice to have the ability to use symbols in schedules.

Drawing lists require tracking of revisions and issue dates and purpose of issue.

we use a symbol to represent the purpose of issue so we can track the history for individual sheets

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Schedules that can be created for symbols with quantities and associated details.


E.g. Create a schedule for electrical symbols used for electrical layouts that shows the symbol, description/type/family/etc. and the quantity in a given view or project.


Often you use hundres auf Annotation Symbols wenn designing electrical or HVAC System layouts. It is a pain to count all the symbols by Hand afterwards wenn a cost calculation is needed for the Project.


This would be helpful for Note Blocks.


Six years later.... please make it happen


It is common to include graphical symbols in schedules. Revit does not offer that possibility like Archicad and other BIM software do.  See screenshot included here.





Please, can you add that to Revit's tool set?


Thank you,


Totally Agree,


Will be great if we have the ability to place Tag, Keynote and Legend Component in the schedule as the Generic Bar Bending Detail on the Roadmap.




Better if we have the hability to add two new symbolic fill legend parameters/field/column for schedules of system families:

- Cut Pattern (with cut lines as boundary)

- Surface Pattern (with projection line as boundary).


And the hability to apply Visibility/Graphics template (with Filter and Detail Level) in schedule for that fill legend cell.


Can we include a parameter to schedules to take the 2D symbol from generic annotations? This would enable easy keys/legends for the project as it would only include what is in the project. Image below is the idea of how it could look. We currently have images to use but if any alterations to the generic annotation takes place then a new image has to be saved and pathed. This could be used for all families within a project. Could be useful for adding images of the 3D family if possible also. 

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It would be really nice if we could include tags in a schedule. For example including the door tag instead of just the mark in a door schedule, so that it matches with what we see in the drawings. 


Before Revit 2023, this would have posed a problem if 'itemize every instance was off' (as a tag supported only a single host) but now that all tags can have multiple hosts that is no longer a roadblock.


Just keeping this alive. I understand we can schedule images but its cumbersome. Being able to schedule the Symbols we are actually using in a project would be so much easier.


Think of a Symbol Legend, as you place annotations in your project the Legend grows and instead of having to associate an image with your annotation via a parameter, it would instead populate the schedule with the annotation symbol itself.

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