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Elliptical Curtain Wall Embed Changes

Elliptical Curtain Wall Embed Changes

In the latest 2020 release for Revit there appears to be a disappointing limitation to the way a curtain embeds into an elliptical host wall. I tested both a straight segment and an elliptical instance to make sure I wasn't just seeing things (see attached image).


It appears that, even though the Curtain Wall type has "Automatically Embed" checked on it does not automatically cut its elliptical host. However, in a straight wall, or other simpler wall sketches, this operation works normally. Unfortunately it currently looks as though this is an acknowledged limitation by Autodesk based on their help article here which states that you have to manually go to the Cut command in order to properly remove the host wall geometry for the embed to work properly. 


This should not be the case. Automatic embed of curtain walls into host walls should work with the same expected behavior, regardless of how it was sketched. Adding the additional step of having to use the Cut tool for elliptical walls is just annoying. The elliptical walls feature should be improved to handle the embed of curtain walls into elliptical hosts automatically.

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