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Eliminate Unjoin Error in Sketch Mode

Eliminate Unjoin Error in Sketch Mode

Hello, I'm writing to suggest changing the error that pops up (and must be addressed before continuing) when sketch lines are un-joined by the most recent command. For example, if a user is in sketch mode to create a generic model extrusion or profile and wants to trim two lines to form a new 90-degree corner, if one of the lines was previously joined to another line, the user will get this error that requires them to click "Unjoin Elements."


The same happens for walls, etc. but I can see where the user may want to be more careful about inadvertently un-joining walls. In sketch mode, I find that there's little risk in un-joining lines, and it is almost always intentional. Is it possible for this error to pop up without interrupting the workflow, or eliminate it altogether?


Thank you!

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