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Eliminate Revit 20 mile extents limit for linked 2D CAD files

Eliminate Revit 20 mile extents limit for linked 2D CAD files

I can appreciate the reason for the 20 mile extent for model elements, but surely we can make an exception for 2D CAD links? When modelling civil structures, we use these links on our Arrangement drawings and to collaborate between the different civil infrastructure disciplines. More often than not, the project extents are larger than 20 miles (with various separate Revit projects for each structure) and we end up having to export and crop up these CAD files before linking them into Revit. The time spent on this exercise is substantial with dozens of links being updated weekly, during the design process. Please help us to make Revit more efficient in the civil-structure space.

Autodesk Support

Please add warning, "Do not use Auto - Origin to Origin when the distance of the incoming geometry is more than 20 miles from the origin. In this case, use Auto - Center to Center or another positioning option." when linking DWG.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. we need a workable solotion for the problem.

I work in the Civil Infrastructure world with Road designs Modeling Bridges in Revit. The largest time waister and cause of frustration for us is this problem of file extents and models slowing down diving into the ground as soon as we load the underlay information we need to build our GA Drawings.


Is there a workaround or Autodesk approved method I don't know about how we should be compiling our workflow better ? 


At a minimum, we really need to fix the warning message that pops up when a linked DWG has extents greater than 20 miles so it doesn't stop the model from loading until we hit the "OK" button. We shouldn't have to babysit the loading process to click the "OK" button for each DWG in order to finish loading the Revit model.

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