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Elevation/Section border should not crop line weight

Elevation/Section border should not crop line weight

There should at least be an option for the view border to not crop the line weight when directly on floor/wall/ceiling edges. We currently have to offset the view border for every view so that the line weights print correctly. This would be a great time saver if this feature could be added.


Ill add on one to this because this is a good suggestion that is overdue. 


Please make the border (Crop Region) lineweight controlled under the Manage  > Object Styles tab. Or even better, have it controlled it in the views' Type Parameters. 


@hstaabprime thanks for calling my attention to those. I voted for them both. @sasha.crotty would you care to combine them?

Many thanks, Galen

Community Manager

Thanks @galen.anderson.09 , they appear to be different requests to me? One if for a global setting and the other is for a more granular setting?


Totally agree. My office draws a white filled region that extends outside of the view crop so we can specifically set the outline and weight. Drawing this in every elevation is soooo time consuming, regardless of plugins that auto generate the views or copying and pasting the region and stretching to current view. The crop still needs to be expanded and the region still has to be drawn. 

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