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Elements shoud inherit parameter values which are assigned to Model Groups

Elements shoud inherit parameter values which are assigned to Model Groups

In Revit 2018 finally Project (or Shared) Parameters can be assigned to Model Groups, which is great. 

It would be even nicer if the elements in a Group would inherit these parameters (and values) from these parameters. Of course if an element is selected, this value should be read-only, because this value is controlled by the Model Group.

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A slight modification to this--  parameters of all contained elements should be exposed, and have the option to:


1. maintain original parameter(s)

2. inherit the parameter of the group.


Included within this ability, objects inside groups should be able to maintain their own workset.  The fact that all elements within a group assume the group's workset is a huge limitation.  Again, the user ought to be given a choice:


1. traditional behavior - all elements within group have one workset (Group has an assigned workset)

2. new option - Group DOES NOT HAVE a Workset, and all elements within keep their workset.


I believe this same kind of choice should apply to Phasing and Design Options as well.  Pretty much EVERY parameter within a Group should have to option to be controlled (a-la-carte) group-wide or by element.  To me this would be the most perpendicular and flexible functionality.


Best, Nick

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Haha, I meant to write ORTHOGONAL, not perpendicular.

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