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Element ID and Search by ID

Element ID and Search by ID

Combine ID's of selection tool and search by ID so you don't have to copy id to clipboard and paste to the search by ID dialogue. ID of selection and Search fpor the ID should be in the same dialogue box. Simple, no.

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Would love to see this. it would also be really nice to have some grouping within this tool where you can see categories, etc. and select the IDs you'd like to copy/paste. This way you know what the IDs belong to and you can also select the right ones before you select them all. Similar to the selection filter. Granted, you could just filter your selection first, then get the IDs, but why not just have it in both places.


Or better yet, combine the IDs of selection into the selection filter dialog... 🤔


Either way, the ID tools could be improved for sure!

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