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Electrical Circuiting Main-Tie-Main Support

Electrical Circuiting Main-Tie-Main Support

We are beginning to receive project requirements with increased LOD requirements and model deliverables, but it is proving to be impossible to deliver on these requirements due to lack of functionality in Revit's electrical circuiting capability. One primary shortcoming is Revit's inability to model double ended unit substations in a main-tie-main configuration. The primary disconnect section, the transformer section, and distribution sections can all be modeled individually and circuited together, but there is no way to tie both distribution sections together to share load. You would expect that a second connector added to the distribution section family could be circuited to an additional connector of the other distribution section, but this results in an error message stating that, "There is a circular chain of references among the highlighted elements."

It would be great if a new variation of circuit or electrical "Tie" connector could be created that could take the connected load of the 2 family's, sum them together, and pass them upstream to the primary connector. See PDF attachment for additional explanation.

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sounds good!


Ich möchte gerne die Idee mit einbringen Kabel als 3D-Objekte dazustellen.

Für Übertragungsnetzbetreiber oder Stadtwerke die ihre Anlagen Dokumentieren oder umbauen möchten wäre dies ein sehr hilfreicher Schritt. 

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