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Editable Room Boundary/Merge Rooms

Editable Room Boundary/Merge Rooms

I'd like to be able to manually edit a room boundary and/or merge adjacent rooms into one room.

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Between "room separation objects"  and "room bounding" property of walls/doors- looks like what you want to do is covered.  


While i like the idea of Merge rooms (one of two rooms is deleted)- Revit may have trouble figuring how to accomplish this - i.e. which walls/doors to use to achive desired result, assuming you have already indicated which room to keep.


The way I envisage it,  the two adjacent room boundaries could stay the same for merging, it would just be scheduled/ tagged as one

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It would be great to be able to edit the profile of a room boundary the same way you edit the profile of a wall, for instance.


And also a reset profile button to go back to default boundary.


That would be amazing, @Anonymous! 

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