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Edit Type Menu upgrades - more than one, faster adaptation, no lock-in

Edit Type Menu upgrades - more than one, faster adaptation, no lock-in


More than one:

When fixing wall joins it would be great to be able to be able to edit more than one wall at the same time. 


Faster Adaptation:

With several edit menus I have to go out of a nested sub-menu to be able to see the changes, allow these changes to propagate when in the nested menu in which these changes are made. Current workflow is incredibly stupid. 


No Lock:

Allow the editing of the model while in an edit menu.  Workflow requires going in and out of the edit menu to get things done. Again, stupid ****ing workflow. 




Pro Tip: Don't include multiple ideas in one post.

If people like two of your Ideas, but not the third, you will not get any votes


Also Pro Tip: no need for swearing or insults in your posts. Even if you pretend to censor yourself.

Are you more likely to agree with me if I say " Hey, here's an Idea I think would help everyone" or if I call you a stupid ****ing idiot?


Pro-tip: Autodesk should upgrade their software at a reasonable pace, despite their monopoly, so as not to frustrate users.  


Pro-tip: There are 3600 architectural feature requests. This means that few people actually suggest a feature believing it will be provided this decade.  Most feature requests are meant to communicate an ongoing frustration. Advisors should recognize that these frustrations are more than warranted. 


Pro-tip: Don't call a user on the forum "a stupid ****ing idiot", even if it's supposedly a rhetorical insult, which judging by the general tone of your response, it was not.  I'm not directing my cussing at anyone, so your analogy doesn't exactly stand, undermining the supposed hypothetical nature of "stupid ****ing idiot".


Pro-tip: Find the catharsis you need towards those users communicating their frustrations, via another means than not-so-subtly patronizing them, or overtly insulting them. 


I find my catharsis by participating in the Revit beta program and providing specific, actionable feedback to improve the functions they are working on.

I have never provided feedback informing Autodesk that the functions are proposing are using stupid ****ing workflows. 

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