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Edit multiple view templates

Edit multiple view templates

It would be nice to have the opportunity to select multiple view templates at the same time, and change some of the properties at the same time. 




I would also like to be able to select multiple views and edit visibility graphics at the same time, for items that are unchecked in VT.


An example:


When you load a new family into a project, it may bring along with it new subcategories. You may want to turn off this subcategory in multiple views being controlled by multiple view templates. We need control allowing us to turn off a category or subcategory in multiple selected view templates at once. 


I like this idea and I voted it up, but  I wonder how this could get implemented?

I could see selecting several VTs and making them all the same, but there's probably a 99% chance that something is going to be different in some of them. So how do you change, say one sub-category of Doors, but not mess up the Furniture settings?

If they were all going the be set the same, why have more than one?


Just for discussion, I guess the only way I could see it would be something along the lines of a right-click, "Apply to selected VTs" pick

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I would assume that this could be implemented similar to selecting multiple items in plan. If they all share the same property value or setting, it is shown, if they do not all share the same setting value, then it is either grayed out or have a question mark. By clicking the box for selecting the item (Doors, Grids, Duct Center Line, etc.) you can definitively override whatever their previous settings were, whether visible or not.


I agree with vaughzachary. This could be a good way of implementing the multiple editing function.


its very useful


This would be very useful. 


This would be really useful and quite time saving. Especially in MEP as we have to rely on plenty of filters and we also have plenty of different kinds of views and view templates. So we could e.g. modify all the filters that are common for certain view templates or remove / add filters for a bunch of them. Or just change some other common settings for multiple view templates.


Idea seconded. (ninthed?) This would be extremely useful. As a previous commenter noted, in MEP there are tons of things, from all different categories that all need their different ways of being represented, filters, system graphic overrides etc, but view templates cannot be 100% standardised across projects, because of the thousands of different families, that change from project to project. This doesn't take into account that a boiler might change manufacturers half way through the design process, meaning we have to change all the templates that have that boiler in it.


I think if schedules could be created for the fields and items that you want, that could be an easy way to change multiple items at once. For example:

  • Create a view template schedule, with a model categories focus, sort and group to tick and untick what is required, 
  • Or create a view template schedule with a filters focus so that hatch patterns and line styles can be copied from one template to another.
  • or even a Revit links schedule, to be able to apply the override to turn off the architects model lines in all view templates.

It would be nice to just edit the Projection/Surface (Lines, Patterns, Transparency) in the Filter dialog box. That way each filter will have the visual style with it when adding it to a View Template.

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Has there been any updates on this topic? It would be an incredibly time saving tool as described above.


I keep dreaming and keeping on my eye on the Ideas, hoping that one day they will be implemented. I guess we're stuck using the old duplicate, uncheck, apply, rename, delete and replace trick to update multiple templates for the foreseeable future.

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