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Edit Assembly colors

Edit Assembly colors

Is there a way you can adjust the Edit Assembly colors so that the items that you are editing are bold, and everything outside the assembly is lighter color. Right now it's flipped what i would think it should be.

Notice how you can barely see the items in the assembly in this image:

Edit assembly color.png


This should be an .ini file setting, and the default should be one that works for most people - it's obvious the UX team at AutoDesk didn't run this past any colour blind people.

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While editing assemblies in Revit 2019 the objects that are a part of the assembly turn green, ignoring any visual overrides. This makes the individual parts difficult to discern from each other. When multiple smaller parts are included in an assembly or one part is placed on another, it becomes difficult to see visually which one is being worked with. It also makes it almost impossible to select an individual part in cases like that.



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For accessibility reasons Revit should allow users to change the editing color of assembly members to something else than the current green + lime green colors. The current colors makes it very hard to distinguish between surfaces and edges.  As of right now these colors are hard coded. 

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The color choice was probably due to some people work with Black backgrounds.

completely agree with the comments. I use assemblies for shop drawings and this along with the editing issues are the biggest unnecessary aggravations. Seems like the group Edit Mode color are more useful.

can we at least match these? 

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