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Dynamo Sync

Dynamo Sync

Dynamo is nice for advanced users who want to build their own solutions.

Dynamo Player is nice for users who are not authors, but want to take advantage of posted solutions.

But what do we do about the user who refuses to open Dynamo Player?


I have a number of solutions that would run great in Automatic mode, but I can't ask everyone to run Dynamo all the time.

It would be nice to have a third option, that runs:

  • silently in the background
  • in the active document
  • when no active scripts are running in Dynamo or Player


I would configure all workstations to run a list of vetted scripts that I use to extend Revit's features, while emulating Revit's parametric behavior.

Every loaded script would have the option of running when a model is first opened or continuously.

User inputs and outputs are not necessary, but could also be useful if implemented right.


Sounds like a tall order, and I might be missing some concept that would land this request on the cutting room floor.

Considered Flux, but a user login is always required. Any other algorithmic data processing solutions that "live link" to an open Revit model?


It's just a thought.

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Definitely voting for this!

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