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DWG Exports - Image File Names

DWG Exports - Image File Names

When ever an export is created from Revit to AutoCAD and you have images in the title block or on the drawing it sends out the image not only with the original file name, but also the project name-username-image name-random number. Could you program it so that when the image is exported out it only uses the image name? Working with many government clients and have been told repeatedly that file names are too long and then having to go into AutoCAD(gross) to re-path all the image files with the shorter name. Please help so we can stop using AutoCAD! 🙂


Example of current: 18013JBZDLA403-Arch_bmccoy77-IMAGENAME-6204745.jpg

Example of desired: IMAGENAME.jpg



I am surprised this post doesn't have more support! C'mon guys!



The only way I find that works is to manually recreate the logo in Revit as lines arcs and hatch patterns and text.

it is a tedious thing to do but least when you have it created and inserted in your title block, the problem of external images having to come with your exported CAD file is no more.


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randerson, I have actually done that for our company logo, but do not always have time for each client/user to "revitize" the logo. Depending on the complexity it could eat up the time. But I agree, it is a good solution in the sort term. 

It's not just your logo, sometimes it's your client logo, sometimes you have color in your logo other than white or black or grey, etc.

I've never understood why Revit renames the image files - it does not seem to serve any purpose that I can see.


A software package should never place a UserName in an exported file name by default - since in most instances the Revit UserName is based upon an actual name.


This definitely needs to be changed, we are now in 2022 and can't drop the username?!?!

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