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Duplication of Sheets

Duplication of Sheets

Allow for the duplication of sheets or sheet set up from sub categories. when creating a sheet, the sheet is given the next number in line from the last sheet created or modified, and placed in a ??? folder until you file it per the appropriate parameters. in more complicated projects, a sheet may require 3 or more categories to place the sheet in its rightful place in the project. If you could duplicate a sheet, you could copy everything from the titleblock to the filing parameters associated with the sheet that was duplicated.

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Absolutely agree with your suggestion above:

More benefits to Allow duplication of sheets:        


with all included; detail items,  views, legends etc. 

This would be really useful in M&E as there are multiple services to be done. Each require a different system showing but the exact same views just to be on a different sheet. It is unnecessarily time consuming, having to create each view again, make it the same size to try standardise sheets somewhat.          


It would be so much easier to allow duplication of sheets - so the views look exactly in the same place, same size, same notes etc. Revit should have the option to automatically duplicate all views when you duplicate the sheet.     


There are so many things that you need on multiple sheets. It would be SO much easier to have the option to duplicate a fully developed sheet and just tweak it to show a different service. 

It would streamline the process of sheet production MASSIVELY. 


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