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Duplicating Sheets and Views Simultaneously

Duplicating Sheets and Views Simultaneously

Is it possible to get a feature added that would allow us to duplicate a sheet and the view attached to it. (create a copy of it)  It's easy enough to change a views workset to the show the correct work. For larger projects it can be quite cumbersome to create sheets, add views, move grid lines for different sectors, turn on the specific portion of the keyplan in the Titleblock, etc.  We have a set of 450 sheets that are aligned correctly, and if we decide to add a sheet the process to do it takes a little while.  With such a large project I am trying to find ways to improve efficiency.  This seemed to make a lot of sense.

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Status changed to: Implemented

We are pleased to say that this has been implemented in Revit 2022! Thank you for your contribution to improving Revit!

 -The Factory

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