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Double click to edit text

Double click to edit text

Double click to edit a text.

It seems logical, but apparently, not for revit.

The thing is that to be able to do it, you have to firstly select the text. Then double click.

What a waste of time (so you think you are in editing mode, you push delete, aaaand, it's gone...)

And i notice that you can delete object with the backspace key, exactly like the del key. Nothing logical at all, as any other software use it like that.


Ok it seems more complex than i thought (of course, it's revit).

Sometimes it's working, sometimes not. Why? I don't know.


But what I discovered is that if you don't zoom in enough you won't be able to do anything with your text note.

You can double click thousand times, nothing will happen.


So i was looking for the edit icon in the ribbon, but there is no one!

Maybe right click? no more.

So i was looking for the command name to assign it to a shortcut, and guess what, there is no command!

How is it possible?


Maybe it is a feature to hinder the use of text notes and stick with annotations?

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