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Documenting Architectural Profiles for Construction, using the profile families

Documenting Architectural Profiles for Construction, using the profile families

I work and have worked for  Architecture firms that specialize in "classical" architecture (or some for thereof).  One very important part of this work is the ability to document very ornate profiles from objects such as mouldings to urns and other decorative elements.   I think that Revit is missing an opportunity with its profile family system to use this information not only for creating the geometry, but also for documenting it.  I would like to propose a combination of the following:

1. Ability to host tag-able data within a Revit profile family (such as the profile code info, this should be flexible so that users can add parameters as needed)

2. Ability to tag and schedule this data in any family that hosts it (in place or not), including wall sweeps.

3. Ability place profiles onto views / sheets for documentation purposes (dimensioning and other annotation).  This would ensure that the profile geometry stays coordinated with the profile schedule that details it.


The current work-around of manually inputting tag info into a material for each wall sweep profile is incredibly cumbersome and susceptible to mistakes, especially when we are trying to also assign actual materials / finishes correctly.  This results in a ridiculous amount of materials and is extremely hard to keep up with.  


Any attention to this matter would be extremely appreciated!



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