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Dockable Visibility/Graphics Overrides

Dockable Visibility/Graphics Overrides

The ability to dock the Visibility/Graphics Overrides window would save countless hours of toggling on/off elements, filters, and links. 

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Make a keyboard shortcut for it, mines VV. Not saying that dockable is an invalid suggestion, but when you have a fast shortcut, you probably won't mind opening and closing it each time as much. 

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Can the "Visibility/Graphics Overrides" (VG/VV) be dockable like Project Browser or Properties window in Revit?

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I think it would be really nice to have the Visibility Graphics as dockable windows like the Properties or Project Browser. While coordinating I am turning things off and on so this would be a nice efficiency boost.


It is so incredibly stupid to open and close V/G window every time i need to change a filter, reload a link, etc. V/G window should act like live preview, just like Properties Palette does. All modern designers are using multiple big screens with enough room for a V/G window on the side. V/G window should be dockable and zoomable. 

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