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Display the material on all faces for Walls and Floors

Display the material on all faces for Walls and Floors

When assigning a material to a single-layered wall (e.g., concrete), no material is displayed on top and bottom faces. Similar issue happens for floors, all side faces are left blank. This feature will be useful when creating structural views.




I'm not sure that concrete is the best material example -- it is commonly shown in section with a hatch, but all external faces of the wall/floor slab would usually be blank, which matches the material options. 
However on a related issue, we find numerous problems with texture alignment / no adjustment when you model timber-clad or masonry walls, where the material either doesn't display or cannot be positioned appropriately.


it's will be very good if we have it  but as options


@elzohry2007  indeed !

i understand why some people might need this functionality but im personally am not gonna vote because we dont need it at our firm and i think there are more important functions to fix and add.

But i fully agree with the fact that if they decide to implement this function it should come as a option and not as standard, so that people can choose to use it or not based on their needs. 

Oh and PS for now you could use the paint tool to achieve the visuals that you want (i think) 

If you don't like, don't vote. No need to explain your reasons.

@krzystoff  okay i won't next time, sorry if i triggerd you.

Just wanted to let it be know that i thought it would be important to make it as a option if they ever implemented this 
and not just set is as a standard that can not be changed. 

Will keep it shorter next time !


When using a void object (In-Place, or Component family with Void) in a wall, it leaves the voided space showing the default material, instead of the material of the wall. If you use a wall reveal, it shows the material properly. A wall sweep is not always practical to create wall voids, and I would like to see the void tools fixed so that they either have an assignable material, or that the cut edges will continue to show the material of what is it cutting. 


I know the paint tool can be used to apply the proper material, but if this is a recurring theme on a building, the paint tool is cumbersome to use each time a void is required!



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