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Display distance & rotation from origin, similar to Inventor.

Display distance & rotation from origin, similar to Inventor.

If you manually move and rotate a point-cloud in Revit, there is no way to know exactly how it was moved. Autodesk Inventor offers a dialogue box both upon import, and by right-clicking the point-cloud after it's imported. This dialogue box shows how the point cloud has been moved and rotated. This could be screenshotted, and if in the future the point-cloud needed re-imported to the same offset/rotation, it could be moved back to the same position. 


I have attached a screenshot from Inventor's import dialogue for reference.


The reason this has come up for me is because we supplied someone with a point-cloud and Revit model, and instead of using our Revit model, they started a new one. Our Revit model had the point-cloud manually moved and rotated, which is why we sent them the Revit model with the point-cloud already embedded. They modeled their content in a new file, with the point-cloud imported origin-to-origin, and now our projects don't line up. 

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