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Displacement tool for callouts

Displacement tool for callouts

The displacement tool for use in isometric views is awesome for creating exploded views.


It would be invaluable if this functionality could be extended to parts in callouts. When documenting off the model, all the elements in the detail have their real world relationship i.e all squeezed up tight together, this can make the detail difficult to read, so what happens is people start turning off the model elements and replacing them with 2d detail components, which creates a disconnect between the model and the detail.


What would be great, is if we could utilize the power of parts, to break the compond objects down to their construction layers and then use a displacement tool to "explode" them in the "2d" view, that way we could model accurately but still document clearly.

Status changed to: Accepted
Status changed to: Implemented

This feature was implemented in Revit 2023. Thank you for your contribution to improving Revit!

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