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Dimension walls and columns by picking.

Dimension walls and columns by picking.

Let's make dimensioning more simple and easier to use by simply picking the objects you wish to dimension.


Currently, if you wish to dimension walls you have two main choices;

  1. Dimension by individual references, which has the problem of selecting adjacent items like casework, linework or anything else that was drawn after the walls. Yes, you can toggle through using the tab key or use temporary views, both of which just add additional work to your workload.
  2. Dimension by entire walls might be great for commercial or simple wall layouts where all the walls are the same type or thickness. Have a look at the example image below and we can all see the issues marked in red.
    This method is picking up walls intersections that are not necessary


Dimension by object.jpg

So let's look at a simpler method, "select the walls by picking" 

Refer to the diagram for an explanation of which walls I am targeting to dimension e.g. choosing the walls with the hand icon.

This is the same way of picking walls when using the "entire walls" method but instead of dimensioning the length of the wall, we dimension the width of the walls instead as shown with the green dimensions.

The advantages are that we are not inadvertently selecting the wrong elements when using "dimension by elements" and we don't have to clean up all of the unnecessary dimensions  when using "dimension by an entire wall"

I suggest we can add other structural objects such as columns etc to this dimensioning tool.


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