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Dimension two unparallel objects

Dimension two unparallel objects

My Plumbing-Pipes have a slope of 2%. Now how do I add a Vertical Dimension the Pipe and the Ground Floor?? The construcktion workers need to know in which hight above the ground the pipe needs to be installed... But sadly the Dimensions-tools only work with pipes which are parallel to the ground... So I draw a detail-line parallel to the ground at the measureing-point.... and I do this all the time. Please create an option to add a Dimension between unparallel elements.

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I found this thread when looking for Revit sloped piping related threads, and did some testing (in Revit 2020). I found that you can dimension to the end of a sloped pipe from the level.


Use the Aligned dimension tool, pick the level first, and then pick an end point of the pipe. (If the point you want to measure to isn’t on the end, you could use the Split Element command to create an end at that location.)

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