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Dimension on fixed position from host

Dimension on fixed position from host

When a dimenions is added to its host (wall, floor, etc. , ...) you place the dimension manually with a certain offset from the host. But when you change the measurements of the element,  the dimensions don't move with its host, they stay in the same place. The user needs to manually change the location of the dimension!
It would be nice if the user can input an "offset from host" in the parameter settings of the dimensions. The dimensions would move with the element even if the measurements would change. Less manual labour!


What if the dimension is associated with two more or hosts, which is probably more common than being associated to a single host?


I meaned that the dimension is placed with a default offset from the element(s) where you put the dimension on. Now when you are placing dimensions, you have to move it with your mouse to put it where you want.

I would like to have a fixed distance. This distance is a parameter in the family.

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