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Dim Break for Revit

Dim Break for Revit

I would love to see an option to break a dimension line in Revit just like we can do in AutoCAD.

In AutoCAD we can use the "DIM Break" command, which will add a break in the dimension line. 

This is so lines don't run thru dimension lines and the drawings present correctly.


Revit should have had this feature years ago, but never has. If I want to replicate a dimension break in Revit, I have to do this manually. 


Allot of people would love to have Dim Break in Revit.


I would also like to add that this not be a "true dimension" when converted back to CAD. Causes grief with some CAD checkers looking for overridden dims. It's simply used to augment the design process to cover variations without redoing entire details. Being visually identifiable would be most helpful

Dim Break would be a true dimension. Dim Break allows a gap to appear as part of the dimension line.


I should have looked at the images first. Sorry. The idea is nice though

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